About Us

CryoReliance is a storage facility based at the Bioscience Park, Leiden and provides conditioned and secured storage for medical, pharmaceutical and research organizations wich has to comply with the GMP rules and guidelines.


Our company is accredited by the Dutch ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, department IGJ. CryoReliance’s quality system has its basis in EU-GMP and ISO 17025, which is built to serve and support quality organizations. The responsibility for maintaining the quality system lies with the manager QA, who reports directly to the managing director of CryoReliance.

No other specialty logistics company in the world can match our experienced personnel, network and expertise that ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of your products. We exceed expectations by offering premium services as standard practices, including redundant checking of each received shipment, redundant security mechanisms in preparing and shipping procedure and same-day or next-day deliver to all intra-country locations. Our services are built for purpose: Validated storage for: Controlled ambient (+15°C to +25°C), Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C), Frozen (-20°C), Deep frozen (-70°C), Liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and all custom desired temperature ranges can be achieved at CryoReliance

CryoReliance was founded in June 2015 and has quickly built a nice track record in storing (bio)pharmaceuticals for its clients. We operate under Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines and have a GDP-license from the Dutch authorities. As we are a standalone company focusing on storage and distribution only. Obviously, all our refrigerators and freezers have back-up power and their temperature is being monitored in real-time. Our site has ambient temperature control, fire alarm and burglary alarm as well as back-up freezers and fridges.