Specialised storage

CryoReliance provides storage under different temperature ranges: +2°C / +8°C, -10°C / -40°C / -60°C / -100°C, -150°C / -196°C. The specifications for alarm limits can be defined in any range our customers want.
Service Description

We are dedicated to offering secured and controlled cold storage of your valuable goods under GDP. Working with us means freeing up valuable space in your own premises and in case we are your backup it means reducing business risk.


Currently we can store at the following temperatures:

  • 15 – 25 °C (controlled ambient);
  • 5 ± 3 °C (refrigerated);
  • -20 °C (frozen);
  • -80 °C (deep frozen);
  • -196 °C (Liquid Nitrogen).


Via our trusted partner QVM we can offer GDP-compliant and dedicated distribution / transport whereby the cold chain is maintained via temperature loggers.



Our Premises

Our site in Leiden has ambient temperature control, fire alarm and burglary alarm. All our refrigerators and freezers have emergency power from a diesel power generator. The temperature of all equipment is monitored in real-time.